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February 13, 2019

How one family dealt with their son’s food and dust mite allergies

This story is taken from https://sg.news.yahoo.com/how-we-dealt-with-our-sons-food-and-dust-mite-allergies-083843731.html

A few years ago, we made several visits to the A&E department of KK Women’s and Children’s Hospital as our then one-year-old son, nicknamed Barnacles, had croup twice and contracted a respiratory virus. Later in the year, he was also plagued by cough in the wee morning hours. We were distressed and worried that he might go on to develop asthma.

We felt there was a need to probe further when he suffered from a bright red rash and cough after eating a fruit bar with cashew nuts. We sent him for an allergy skin prick test. This test determined that he was allergic to cashew nuts and dust mites, which partly explained his nighttime cough. While cetirizine (Zyrtec) worked like a charm to stop his nighttime cough and we were told that it was safe to use daily, we were concerned about the long-term effects of daily medication.

To address the cashew nut allergy, we had to pay extra attention to food ingredient lists. Through trial and error, we realised that even though the skin test didn’t reveal any allergy to other nuts, certain fruit bars with other nuts would sometimes cause him to cough. We surmised that it could be due to such bars being produced in factories that also mill cashew nuts. We learnt that when it comes to sensitive kids, prevention is better than cure and it’s best to choose ‘pure’ (as opposed to ‘processed’ or ‘mixed’) foods wherever possible.

Addressing the dust mite allergy was also not an easy battle with our hot and humid Singapore climate being the perfect breeding ground for dust mites, be it in beds, bed sheets, cushions, pillows and soft toys. And so began our quest to find natural solutions for our son’s sensitive nose. Here’s our list of tips, which we hope others will find useful:

Home-related tips for dust mite allergy:

  • We changed our curtains to blinds as they collect less dust and are easier to clean.
  • We bought air purifiers for each of our rooms. We were extra thankful to have them when the haze came around and we had to stay indoors. After much research, we chose an Amway Atmosphere air purifier endorsed by the British Allergy Foundation and supposedly able to remove 99.99 per cent of all airborne contaminants. We also considered a Honeywell air purifier, equally recommended for allergies.
  • If you can’t get rid of your carpets, vacuum them regularly.

Bedding tips for dust mite allergy:

  • We replaced the kids’ mattresses with latex ones, which are inhospitable to dust mites. We bought a BabySafe cot for our younger son and an Ibenma single bed for our older son. In addition, we use 3M anti-dust mite pillows and BabySafe latex pillows and bolsters.
  • We purchased b.sensible anti-dust mite waterproof bed sheets for all our beds. We also encased our pillows and bolsters in King Koil Protect-a-Bed waterproof covers.
  • We vacuum the mattresses every one to two months with a Delphin vacuum cleaner. As not all vacuum cleaners can remove mites, be sure to do some research before purchasing one.
  • We spray the mattresses with Daniclin anti-dust mite spray (safe for babies).
  • We change the kids’ bed sheets every one to two weeks and wash them in minimum 60-degree water to kill dust mites and allergens. Daniclin also sells an anti-dust mite laundry liquid.

Toy-related tips for dust mite allergy:

  • We got rid of all stuffed toys in the house save for three of Barnacles’ favourite sleeping toys, which are allergy-friendly and machine-washable at 40 degrees. However, as 40-degree water is insufficient to kill dust mites, we freeze stuffed toys overnight every six weeks (to render allergens inactive) before putting them into the washing machine. Toys that cannot be machine-washed should be vacuumed after freezing to get rid of dead dust mite allergens.

Finally, to boost our son’s immunity, we introduced supplements including probiotics, vitamin C and additional doses of elderberry syrup or Echinacea for kids whenever he shows signs of falling ill. At the recommendation of a friend who also had children suffering from itchy nose allergies, we decided to try out a homeopathic remedy for seasonal allergies. After doing some research, we picked the brand Orange Naturals as its products are crafted by licensed Canadian naturopathic doctors. While we were skeptical at first, they worked at reducing the itch when Barnacles suffered from an itchy nose, and we managed to hold off giving him medication several times. We have also tried the fever remedy, which helped to ease low-grade fevers.

Elderberry syrup and Echinacea syrup from Gaia Kids. We give this to Barnacles when he is falling ill.

Probiotic powder and homeopathic remedies for fever and allergies from Orange Naturals.

With all these measures, we did notice an improvement in Barnacles’ itchy nose. However, with two kids in the house, it is definitely an uphill battle to keep up with the constant cleaning, so our next to-do project is to declutter our small flat.


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November 13, 2018

Why cancer recurs?

Good morning!

I have been wanting to share this with my ElixirBotanica community for a while now as I believe none of us is spared of having our experiences with someone we love with cancer or even having the condition.

I feel it is important that we need to understand the disease then we will know how to overcome the fear and darkness to manage it.

I strongly advocate that we all need to ensure optimal cellular health to firstly keep the disease at bay and secondly from recurring after treatment.

Conventional treatment can only do so much. Ultimately it still comes down to our own immune system clearing away all the remaining cancer cells.

For people undergoing chemotherapy and radiation therapy, plus the countless MRI, PetScans, CTScans, x-rays etc etc, I think everyone needs to take a step back and think rationally as to how all these toxic and harsh chemicals and radiation could possibly do to the body? Especially one that is also weak or compromised for cancer to occur.

Is it no wonder the patients look and feel so dreadful during treatment?

How is the body supposed to cope with all the toxins and radiation load? When we healthy individuals are already warn of the carcinogens in barbecued food and that radiation emitted from ear phones can cause cancer? Can you imagine what is happening in the liver, kidneys, lungs and other organs?

What about our cellular DNA and mitochondrial health?

From my years of experience journeying with cancer patients, we have found that taking EB’s antioxidants such as those found in VigourCells has helped them tremendously with managing side effects as well as enhancing the positive effects of their treatment.

At this juncture, I would also like to emphasise the importance of taking EB products. I cannot vouch for others because of the strict standards that I impose on mine, which are all certified safe and effective by Health Canada and 100% licensed too. Plus the amount of peer reviewed scientific and medical literature I adhere to and 2 years of engagement with Health Canada, when formulating VigourCells.

Everyone needs to safeguard our cellular health and inmune system. More and more we see that modern medicine does not cure.

“But it is unlikely that any chemotherapy treatment will kill every single cancer cell in the body. Doctors try to reduce the number of cancer cells as much as possible. The remaining cells will be killed off by the body's own defences (immune system) or may die off naturally.”


This is why it is so important to keep your immune system healthy and robust. Only your body can ultimately heal itself.

The doctors and pharma drugs can only do so much.
October 25, 2018

'The food supplement that ruined my liver'


Good day!

A friend sent me this and I thought it apt to share with you.

It also doesn’t mean more is better and how tragic to have one’s health eroded by taking the wrong supplements.

Personally, I have never bought supplements online as I have heard one too many horror stories. Yes I am as scared as that because of my over imaginative and suspicious mind.

This is one of the key reasons why I decided to start my own health supplements business a decade ago. So that I could QC and check every single product that I needed for myself, my friends and customers.

I am so paranoid about the safety and efficacy that I even went to the extent of manufacturing VigourCells and Pine Bark, with a top Canadian company, under the jurisdiction and control of Health Canada.

It took me more than two years just to perfect the formula to the approval of Health Canada in order for it to be registered and licensed before production.

Why all the hassle? Because these are products that I will take for life and the same for my most loved ones. I would never want to put my parents, husband and children’s health at risk.

At the end of the day, it is best to eat healthy and not to take any supplements at all, then the wrong or bad ones and in incorrect doses.

Best of health to you!

Do check out the below products, Vigour Cells and Alpha Lipoic Acid, powerful antioxidant to help with well being.

October 08, 2018

Elixir Botanica @ the October Mummy/Baby Market Fair from the 12-14 Oct

Dear Clients,

Elixir Botanica is pleased to inform you that we will be taking part in the coming October Mummy/Baby Market Fair from the 12-14 Oct at the Singapore Expo, Hall 5. Booth D31b.

It’s supposedly the largest baby fair in SEA and we felt it would be a great platform to launch our new line of *Safe & Effective* Products for mums and babies from Cyto-matrix, the top professional only brand in Canada.

Not many of us may be aware of how vital it is for women to take the right form of vitamins during their childbearing period.

Are you aware the wrong type of folic acid can create havoc in the body, not only for baby but also mummy during the gestation period? This occurs if the mummy has a DNA mutation that does not allow the conversion of synthetic folic acid to methyl-folates that the cells need for DNA synthesis and healthy neurological development? Some of the risks could include autism, ADHD or deficiencies and delays in development.

Why take the risk of guessing whether the mummy has the mutation or not (when it is estimated that up to half the population may carry this mutation)? When we now have the active form of methy-folate in the form of 5-methyl-tetrahydrofolate (5-MTHF) in our premium health supplements like VigourCells and Cyto-matrix Prenatal Formula? In addition to all the best of natural forms of vitamins in our supplements, there is also the nutrient choline added to the Prenatal Formula to support the mental development of the foetus. As someone said to me, ’Who doesn’t want a smart kid?

But my crusade is more for having healthy kids, and I assure you I have a vested interest in safeguarding the health and neurological development of my future grandchildren as well as grand nieces and nephews that I hope God will bless me with. So I am going to start here and now, to do anything I can to help anyone that feels this will be of benefits to them too.

If you would like to find out more or understand better how to reduce the risks of ADHD, deficiencies in neurological development or Autism in kids, please contact me separately.

Finally, during the 3 days at the Fair, all products on site will be selling at 25% discount.

The list of items does include our super antioxidants VigourCells and Pine Bark that we are promoting to men to boost their healthy sperm count and therefore, fertility. Cos it takes 2 to make a healthy baby no? And afterall, VigourCells and Pine Bark are great for overall cellular regeneration and health.

So if you wish to take advantage of the discounts for VC and PB plus others at the Fair, you can do pre-orders from now till Sunday.

Thank you very much and it would be greatly appreciated if you can help me share the 2 publicity posters to the fair with your friends especially those planning their family, so that they may benefit from the sale as well!

July 02, 2018

Wellness Lecture Series: Dr. Taylor Bean

Dear Friends,

Elixir Botanica is proud to inform our community of the series of wellness lectures by renowned Canadian Naturopathic Doctor Taylor Bean, in July.

Please reserve your seats either via the link below or smsing your reply, number of tickets and lecture topic/s that you wish to attend to +65 94454045.

Kindly, help to share this with your family and friends too, as this is a very rare opportunity where we have an expert come to educate us on the many questions we may have about autism, vaccination, childhood ailments and chronic fatigue and natural remedies we may use to mitigate these conditions, and for us to ask the hard questions.

Registration is compulsory as we have limited seats available.

Fyi refreshments will be served 30 mins before the start of the lectures.

7 July- https://www.eventbrite.sg/e/supporting-autism-from-a-biomedical-perspective-tickets-47402489121?aff=es2

8 July- https://www.eventbrite.sg/e/vaccinations-optimizing-your-choices-tickets-47410112924?aff=es2

10 July- https://www.eventbrite.sg/e/alternative-treatments-for-common-childhood-ailments-tickets-47501017823

12 July- https://www.eventbrite.sg/e/determining-your-cause-of-chronic-fatigue-tickets-47501096057#tickets
June 18, 2018

Partnering Doctors

Dr. Bean has experience working largely with families, young ones and mamas-to-be.  She brings her wisdom as a mother of two to help women achieve a healthy pregnancy and smooth labour.  She has worked in Singapore for two years and has now been living and working just outside of Vancouver BC in Canada. 


Her passion lies in: 

  • Lyme disease and co-infections 
  • Pre- and post-natal care including labour support 
  • Paediatrics including Autism Spectrum Disorder, ADHD, SPD
  • Digestive complaints particularly SIBO and IBS 
  • Vaccine safety education 
  • Genetic report analysis (MTHFR)



Dr. Bean has several certifications including 

-      IV certification

-      Pharmaceutical license

-      Immunization Certification from BCCDC

-      Acupuncture certification 

-      Neural therapy certification 

-      Perineural therapy certification 

May 03, 2018


Looking for a Naturopathic doctor for alternative solutions to your health and healing? Elixir Botanica has partnered up with City Osteopathy & Physiotherapy to provide you with with a holistic approach to recovery.



Dr. Shirley is a licensed Naturopathic doctor, regulated by the College of Naturopaths of Ontario, Canada. She has been practicing in Singapore since 2015, providing people with alternative solutions to health and healing. 

As a Naturopathic doctor, she uses therapeutic methods such as clinical nutrition, botanical medicine and homeopathy to manage detoxification and both acute and chronic conditions by addressing the root causes of illness. In addition, Dr. Shirley is also a certified Bowen therapist, which is a great therapeutic modality to manage anxiety, pain, and inflammation by using gentle pressure over muscles, tendons and fascia.

Dr. Shirley strongly believes in helping people to not only improve their health and well being, but to also help them feel empowered along their healing journey. She believes that true healing comes from addressing the relationship between the mind, body and spirit and it is the balance of these factors that is the main goal to a healthier you.

Dr. Sairupa is a Canadian Licensed Naturopathic Doctor regulated under The College of Naturopaths of Ontario, Canada.She received her Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine Degree from The Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine in Toronto.

Dr. Sairupa works with people of all ages dealing with a wide range of acute and chronic health conditions. Additionally, during her 4-year Naturopathic Medicine Degree, she was accepted for a specialty internship on a clinical Paediatrics rotation, where she received extensive training on children’s health with experts in the field.

She is motivated to support families find natural, safe and effective strategies to improve their health and alleviate illness. Dr. Sairupa is very happy to be based in the dynamic country of Singapore with her husband and young daughter. As a mother, she is so passionate about the ways naturopathic medicine may support
women through their reproductive years, as well as nurture a growing and busy family.

Naturopathic Philosophy involves compassionate care that focuses on
the whole-person and addressing the root cause of illness. Dr. Sairupa enjoys designing personalized treatment plans to inspire lasting
changes towards whole-health and wellness.

 Clinical nutrition
 Botanical medicine
 Homeopathy
 Holistic counselling
 Nutritional supplementation
 Functional Testing
 Ayurveda Constitutional Assessment – including tongue and pulse diagnosis

#03-02 Guthrie House
1 Fifth Avenue
Singapore, 268802

Phone: +65 6314 4440

Email: drsairupa@cityosteophysio.com

Website: www.cityosteophysio.com