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English Testimonials

I am 74 years old. You may like to know that on 28 May 2024, I walked 25,641 steps or 16.2 km, climbed 79 floors and did 330 push ups! The push ups were not done in one go but in sets of 70-70-70-60-30-30. I regularly take 4 VigourCells capsules, 1 vitamin D3 & K2 capsule, and 1 Omega capsule 3 times a day.

Ming, on VigourCells since 2020

Dear Rosemary,

Just to share some good news and also this text serves to thank you for journeying with me. 

Received my latest cholesterol result from a recent blood test. It was very good. It plunged from 300 to 100. My cardiologist felt that I should be targeting for 75 by adding one medication that can absorb bad cholesterol in the intestine. At the moment, I am only taking 5mg of Crestor.

After taking VigourCells for 6 weeks and removing all meat from my diet (except fish) and increasing my fibre intake massively, I have lost 7.5kg and I am feeling very good and energetic.

Thank you. I will send you my blood test results in a bit. Here’s a great testimony for you.


Jasmine Er, on VigourCells since 2020

I'm an active lady in my late sixties. My daily exercise these three over years is walking and I target to reach 10,000 steps daily. We live in Hougang/ Yio Chu Kang. My husband Melvyn and I walk mostly in parks near our home. We also drive out to Bishan, Pasir Ris, Pierce Reservoir, Thomson, Kallang Riverside, and the parks on the west side of Singapore on weekends.

I usually wake up from bed with backache which goes off after a few minutes of stretching.

I have been taking VC, Pine Bark, D3+K2, Omega and probiotics on a daily basis. I decided to take CanPrev Joint-Pro n Healthy Bones few weeks ago. I alternate between these two bone supplements daily. I realise that my morning back pain has gone away. I believe these supplements I have been taking have reduced my bodily pains. 😀

Linda Wee Mak, on VigourCells since 2020

When I was first diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes I thought it was the beginning of a long and challenging journey. It has been a good 3-4 years of hope since I started VigourCells and Pine Bark with good advice from the effervescent Rosemary! She has been so helpful and encouraging to help me lose 14 kilos thus far and to have my blood results all in order. Even my skin has improved! It’s worth every cent I’ve spent, no regrets! Thank you Elixir! 

Ian Poulier, 56, on VigourCells since 2019

Sometimes i may be forgetful or mix up my many supplements, but one thing is for sure: whenever my body is under attack, like when I feel a flu coming or I get a bout of fever or sore throat, I’m sure to reach out for my "2+1"s (2 VigourCells and 1 Pine Bark), especially at night and in the morning.

They are like my Elite fighting force in my health army boosting immunity and warding off danger. They work fast and effectively like a secret weapon in my arsenal.

Irene Wee, 72, on VigourCells since 2018

It’s 24 Feb 2023. My 16yr old (soon to be 17) and I have not had Covid… hopefully we don’t get it! But for now, I’d say the arsenal of VC’s, pine bark, Vit D and Magnesium have been our close companions throughout these trying years. Although my husband caught Covid, it was nothing short of a miracle that he got through it with the least amount of side effects!

Sarah McCall, 49, on VC since 2018

Should I say I’m so “Heng” to be infected by covid19?

If you think about it, What are the chances?

Or I’m really blessed to say that I experienced no discomfort throughout my whole Covid experience, in and out of hospital except for a 2-day low grade fever and slight breathlessness days before I was admitted.

Even the doctor said that I am in the best condition among all his patients. I was given no treatment during the 9 days of hospitalisation as I have no symptoms to treat and was just waiting patiently for my immune to flush the virus out of my body👍🏻, that I can’t be more than thankful.

Though this is an experience that I never hope to go through again, I have gained more than lost in this episode. I have gained understanding that in times like this where there is no treatment against the virus , my immunity (which is a natural God given ability) will have to strive and battle for me. I have gained comfort that in this time of vulnerability, all my family (close contacts whom I see daily) including my closest-my husband and 2 young children are well and in the pink of health (testing negative for the virus after their quarantine).

In times like this, I’m really simply seeing the fruits of our daily immune boosters.

I have gained clarity of who are truly my friends in this trying time when some people can’t wait to steer away from you. But true friends, doctors, nurses, came forward to offer comfort and support.

The only loss I had was time lost with my husband and children while I was in hospital, but you learn to appreciate their noisy times better when you are home. 😊

On the day of my discharge, It was such a joyous day! The whole team of doctor came into my room without wearing PPE and mask to congrats me and presented me with flowers...when they came in unprotected, it’s like a reassurance to me that I have truly recovered...it was very meaningful and significant to me❤

Covid19 case #80 in Singapore, a long - time Elixir Botanica client

In the past I would have to get up and pee almost every hour at night so my sleep was very much disturbed and I could not rest properly at all. After having introduced VigourCells to me by Esther in mid 2018 my life has changed greatly.  Not only it has improved my bladder problem - only getting up once in the night to the bathroom - my memory is getting so much better now and so has my cholesterol level.  I feel so energised too after taking VigourCells.  And my recent brush with the Covid-19 scare as I was put on a 14-day quarantine has again proven how wonderful and fantastic VigourCells can give us. My immune system is now stronger than before.  I am so glad to have started on VigourCells.

Lizhen, 72, on VigourCells since mid 2018

I first started taking VigourCells (then called Network Antioxidants) almost 10 years ago. I’d just gotten married and my husband had introduced me to Rosemary. I was won over by how she was able to explain to me how VigourCells worked so precisely! (And with the fact that she checks out where her products are manufactured in person.)

While we had not planned for it to happen (at least not so soon), some months later, I conceived our first child, Matt. I continued to take VigourCells during my pregnancy (along with prenatal supplements), and even after. I was 37 years-old at the time, and was considered a ‘mature’ mother. The pregnancy, thankfully, was smooth, and so was the C-section to deliver the baby. 

Some years later, at 42 years of age, I conceived my second child, Ollie. Again, I was on VigourCells before, during and after my pregnancy (even while breastfeeding, though that only lasted about three months). Again, and I’m extremely appreciative of this, the pregnancy went smoothly, though there was quite a bit of anxiety because of my age.

Rosemary and I always joke about my two ‘VigourCell’ babies, and I’m truly grateful that I was well-looked after during those periods. I trust Rosemary, who always makes the effort to explain what she is recommending. 

Now, my two kids are also taking VigourCells (half a tablet each, in apple juice)!


I was introduced to VigourCells and have been taking it at a later stage of  my cancer journey. Was diagnosed with Peritoneal cancer 3rd stage in early 2019 and started taking VC around July. I am in remission now (since nov 2019) and is taking it religiously. My strength has returned and my friends are amazed at how well I’m recovering in such a short span. Seeing how well I’ve recovered, my friends wanted me to introduced them the product! It’s great to share and care!!

Teo Lay Tin

I used to feel tired easily and experienced rapid heartbeat. Even since I’ve started taking VigourCells, I no longer experience heart palpitations. In the first few weeks of taking it, I felt it a few times and got worried hence I messaged Rosemary about it and she assured me that the Coenzyme is working and to continue to take it. I trusted her and took it, since then I have zero episode. My skin condition improved along with taking other supplements she recommended. I had skin fungus prior, despite many trips to the dermatologist, my condition didn’t improve. Now it’s manageable and I hope I’ll come to full recovery! Thank you to Rosemary for her generous sharings and genuine heart for others.

Vivien Lee

I have been on VigourCells and Pine Bark since September 2018. I live in the USA and would catch the winter flu quite often. But ever since I started taking regularly VigourCells, Pine Bark and other supplements that Rosemary recommended, my immunity level has become stronger. I have not caught the flu since then.

Lily Soh, on VigourCells since 2018

I first came to know about VC from my colleague. She told me how wonderful VC helps her. So, I just bought a bottle to try it out. After taking for 1 week, I can already feel the different.  I became more energetic and the best thing is that my eczema is getting better.  Without hesitation, I recommended VC to my elder sister who is suffering for gastric problems for years.  Now she is getting so much better and can even do without taking medication.  Now, my whole family is taking VC and can see the improvements of their health.  Thumbs up for VC and a big Thank you to Rosemary.

Chris Ho on VigourCells since April 2019

I started taking VigourCells not long after the Sars period and initially, I started taking them on my own because of the antioxidative and anti-aging qualities of the power cells. But later I gave them to my son and husband as well. My son has a long history of ecyzema and sensitive skin and a patient of NSC since he was a teenager. Now he is discharged and as a family, we seldom catch the cold and flu and even today, we feel confident that we will be protected against the COVID-19 virus.

Doris Foong and family, on VigourCells since 2009

I had been taking VigourCell after my breast cancer operation 2 over years ago. It really gives me very good immunity and all this while I am very healthy and able to walk 10km or more daily. I enjoy exercising and was looking fresh always. I can eat well, sleep well and always in pink health! What I'm noticing is that I'm stronger, I have more energy and I don't tire as easily as I used to. I think vigourcell be part of my life from now on.


I was first introduced to Rosemary by a friend. My sister had suffered a fracture of her right shoulder in Jan 2019. One of the supplements that was introduced to me was VC. I took it and told my sister to take them too. Within 3
months, after taking her next x-ray, the results showed that her injury was mending well. Mind you, she didn't go for any surgery. Now, I have introduced it to my brother who has other ailments. He too has shown much improvement. Not easily getting the common cold. Since taking VC, I have not gotten the common cold too.Thanks, Rosemary for introducing us to your supplements that work.

Ellen Lim

Rosemary and I became friends in 2006 when our kids were attending the same primary school. Through her, I came to know of Network Antioxidants (predecessor of VigourCells) and that began my wellness journey.  Whilst NA is good, VC is even better. VC has an improved formula and since taking it, I can say that I am bursting with energy every day. 5 km brisk walking daily is a breeze. VC also keeps me looking youthful. No one could ever guess correctly that I am over 50 and a mother of 2 grown up boys. Just recently, a new acquaintance was guessing that my kids are still in primary school. Thanks to the wonder of VC!

Anna Lee

This truly is my Elixir!  Not only has VigourCells given me vigour and vitality, more importantly it has healed my sickness of stage 4 breast cancer to stage 0 in approximately 3 months!  It completely has restored my once troubled, if not down and out life back to normal.  I am so excited that I can now go back to normal routines such as going for long walks and gym just like before.


I went to London recently and even though winter is supposed to be over soon, it actually snowed on the 27th of February! Despite it being bitterly cold and wet, I felt really warm and full of energy, clocking up almost 25k steps every day and did not feel tired, never caught the cold or even had a runny nose. Thankful to have VigourCells as my travel companion and would not think of going anywhere without it! 😊

Malcolm Chang, on VigourCells since 2018

I have always been on the lookout for something that’s able to give me the energy to get through each day. My energy level was low and each time I travel I always come back sick and the fatigue was unbearable, not forgetting that it typically took me a week to get through jetlag. My boss recommended that I try Network Antioxidant, which has since been upgraded to Vigour Cells. I didn’t realize how much it boosted my energy until I forgot to take the supplements one day and my husband asked why I was so tired. It was then that my daughter said ‘You forgot to take your supplements today”. Omg, never realized how much it has benefited me until I didn’t take it. The new found energy is so much a part of me that as someone who exercises regularly, my instructor and friends will comment that they wonder where I got my energy from! Now my whole family takes Vigour cells and travels with it -we hardly fall sick making each trip so much more memorable and enjoyable.

Lee Geok Lian, since 2015

When I first reconnected with Rosemary in Nov 2017, I was not in good health. I had been wanting to take some form of multivitamins but was afraid that I would suffer side effects like being 'heaty' and having mouth ulcers, etc. Then came Vigour Cells in Jan 2018. It changed my life! My body responded well to it with no side effects at all. I became more energetic and now have a sense of well-being. I seldom fall sick and even if I did get a bit of fever or flu due to over-working, I recover rather quickly from it now.

Olive Tan, since 2017

My work require me to do lots of walking. Normally at the end of day, I will feel tired. After taking Vigourcells, I feel full of energy and it has help me in my work. I feel better then ever, have never fall sick and ever caught a cold or cough! Thanks to Vigourcells, it has help me to power through my work days!

Alvin Tan, on VigourCells since 2019

My relationship with VC started when my friend Yun introduced me to Rosemary, a lovely soul who has chosen people’s healthcare her life’s mission. She gave me a gift of Antioxidants. When I started taking it, I felt a renewed sense of energy and soon asked for more and shared with family and friends. Until now, I have tried quite a few other products besides VC and Pine Bark. They are all really good.

All of us have had a common experience with VC. It makes us feel really energetic despite long hours of work. Vegetarians have an added advantage of receiving all the required nutrients. VC makes us feel calm and healthy.
I wish Rosemary success in her noble endeavor to help people LIVE WELL!

Pushpa, Bhutan, since 2017

I have hypertension for over 15 years.  Even though I was on medication my blood pressure was still mostly on the high side ie 150/85 or sometimes even higher.  In 2019 my friend Julianna recommended me to try VigourCells and Pine Bark.  Ever since I started on these 2 products,  my blood pressure has dropped to normal (120/80) and I feel energised too.

Sharon Yeo

Antihistamine and me used to be best friends - I take them at least once a week.

Since I was a teenager, I lived with allergic rhinitis. Dust, pets, change in temperatures will trigger an allergic reaction resulting in tension headaches and runny nose.

If I am under stress for example during exams when I was in school or I have work deadlines, then it becomes a full blown infection which takes 2-3 days to heal.

Every holiday I go, I will have an “attack”, it is like once the body relaxes, the body system disengages.

It was very disruptive for my life and I carry antihistamine every where I go.

Until I met Rosemary. I was at her home for bible study in 2017 and my nose started to drip non-stop as she is an animal lover.

However from that day onwards, my allergic rhinitis trajectory changed as if a miracle happened.

Seeing my sorry state, Rosemary introduced the allergy relief tincture and network antioxidants (predecessor of VC) to me.

For the last 3.5 years, I faithfully take VC, omega-3 and Vit D&K every morning. Not only have I been healed 100%, I have not taken MC due to flu!

The ultimate test was when I shifted house last May, I did not even experience any allergy despite the loads and tones of packing and unpacking!

Praise the Lord for giving Rosemary the gift of healing through her supplements.

2. Two years after taking Rosemary’s supplements, I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism. Instead of starting on
medication, I decided to try Thyroid-Pro. After about half a year, my thyroid readings improved and the doctor allowed me to stay on Thyroid-Pro without medication. Today, my readings have stabilized and I no longer see doctor on quarterly basis. I just for annual follow-up!

I continue to take Thyroid-Pro but half dosage to maintain my healthy thyroid readings.

This is another amazing health recovery for me, thanks to Rosemary!

Ling Ling, 50

I used to have very low health immunity previously. Very often I had sore throat and phlegm. I also felt tired easily. I couldn’t tolerate cold weather or any air-conditioned environment as I always felt very cold in such places. Since I started to take VigourCell a few years ago, I realise I am much stronger now and my immunity has also improved. My advice is to take the right dosage regularly in order to achieve favourable results. Thanks to VigourCell.

Poh Ling, late 60s

I was introduced to Rosemary right at the beginning of the year, 2nd Jan 2020! I have 3 blockages in my heart, of which 2 are 100% and the other 80%. Rosemary introduced Elixir Botanica’s Vigour Pack (which includes VigourCells, Omega Pro-Essential HP 40/20 & D3 + K2 with organic coconut oil) to me.

At that time, my blood readings were:
Triglycerides: 2.2 mmol/L
HDL: 1.3 mmol/L
LDL: 4.3 mmol/L
Total Cholesterol: 6.4 mmol/L

After taking for 2 months, my blood readings improved to:
Triglycerides: 1.83 mmol/L
HDL: 1.42 mmol/L
LDL: 3.75 mmol/L

Before I started on Vigour Pack, I was taking statins but I felt lethargic which led me into depression. So when I started on VigourCells, I stopped taking the statins. My energy level recovered and I came out of depression. As can be seen from my blood readings, I have made improvements! Thanks to Vigour Pack! Thanks to Rosemary! And thanks to God! 

Soo Koon Liang, Male, 58

I like to share this feedback about the wonders of Elixir Botanica supplements. My dad had a toe infection which has infected the bone area . He was hospitalised since 26/10/19 and as he is a diabetic, the doctors felt the best course of action to prevent the infection spreading to the rest of his leg is to amputate his toe. They feel that antibiotics may not be helpful in his case. Dad is reluctant to have his toe amputated and so do we because of his age. Out of desperation, I contacted Rosemary if she could recommend something that could help save his toe. She recommended VigourCells, Alpha Lipoic Acid and D3K2. Dad took 2 dosages yesterday of 2 VigourCells, 1 Alpha Lipoic Acid and 1 D3K2 twice. Before he took these supplements, his toe was turning dark brown. This morning, I took a picture of his toe which showed much improvement overnight. The family is heartened and relieved that the supplements could make such a huge difference. He is on the road to recovery and he has been discharged this afternoon. We are very grateful to Rosemary and Elixir Botanica, and for all the prayers!
-Janice Lim

I was introduced to a vet upon Nice’s entry into Singapore in November 2013. The vet had been very detailed in her examination. As it is my first time owning a guide dog, I would always consult her for issues big and small that happened to Nice so much so that I trusted the medication prescribed and would give religiously to cure her conditions, ranging from ear infection, digestive issue to skin allergies.

However, since January 2018, Nice’s skin condition took a turn for the worse. I brought her to many other vets, all concluded no underlying issues and prescribed diets and dog foods to no avail.

Her condition deteriorated on 17 February 2019 without any apparent reason. She was diagnosed with acute liver failure and was given only 48 hours to live. The attending vet said in his years of practice, no dog survived 29.8 times toxicity of that of a normal liver. In desperation, I knocked on Rosemary’s door once again. She gave me a bottle of VigourCells in January and I was giving to Nice which saw improvement. I researched and discovered liver failure in dogs is common occurrence as I read that two guide dogs from UK and Australia died respectively at short notices from this condition. Rosemary not only blessed me with another bottle of VigorCells, a bottle of probiotics and omega pro to feed Nice on 18 February. In the animal hospital, three rounds of plasma transfusions were administered yet, the platelets kept depleting. Nice had no appetite at all and we had to force feed.

However, on 25 Feb upon feeding her probiotics, her appetite came back as I learnt from Rosemary that her gut health had been fixed, hence her appetite. From then on, She is a ball of energy, bouncy, returned to her greedy self and the happiest news, free from prescribed drugs and an unofficial spokesdog of Elixir Botanica.

Lee Lee and Nice the Guide Dog

Sherr Tan