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What is Naturopathic medicine?

Naturopathic medicine promotes wellness and the prevention of illness or disease by addressing the root causes of illness. Naturopathic doctors integrate standard medical diagnostics with a broad range of natural therapies that support the body's own healthy ability using treatments and prevention techniques that include acupuncture/Asian medicine, botanical medicine, physical medicine (such as massage and hydrotherapy), clinical nutrition, homeopathic medicine and lifestyle counselling.

The principles of Naturopathic medicine are:

  1. The healing power of nature
  2. Identify and treat the cause 
  3. Do no harm 
  4. Treat the whole person
  5. The Naturopath as a teacher 
  6. Prevention is better than cure 

What sets the ON product line apart from other herbal remedies?

In Canada, naturopathic doctors complete rigorous medical training at accredited educational institutions followed by professional licensing which holds them to national standards of practice. ON products are developed and designed by a scientific advisory board of naturopathic doctors. ON’s research efforts have produced the very first line of professional-grade, naturopathic products that makes it simpler and more affordable for families to experience the powerful health benefits of naturopathic medicine. They continue to develop leading-edge products that combine the best of traditional medicine with the latest scientific knowledge.

What goes into ON herbal remedies?

ON herbal remedies are made from 100% organic or wild-crafted ingredients grown by trusted, certified organic farmers or wildcrafting partners in North America. Their tinctures are far more effective than swallowing a pill, because herbs in tablet form must first be broken down by the digestive system so absorption is lower and slower. The body can absorb up to 98% of the medicinal components in a herbal tincture, because absorption takes place immediately in the mouth.

What are Homeopathics?

Homeopathic treatment works with your body’s own healing powers to bring about health and well-being. Homeopathy treats symptoms at all levels of your being – spiritual, emotional, mental and physical and finds the ‘like cures like’ match for them. Homeopathically prepared remedies, providing the minimum dose, are gentle, subtle and powerful. They are non-addictive and not tested on animals. Homeopathics are safe, gentle and effective. Homeopathic remedies are natural, diluted solutions that trigger the body’s natural system of healing. ON’s line of homeopathic remedies is formulated and crafted by professional homeopaths using quality ingredients that are free from chemicals of toxins.

How does the ON children’s range differ from the adults’ range?

ON’s homeopathics and tinctures for kids are in glycerin; those for adults are in 25% or 40% grain (corn) alcohol. Adults can opt to take the kids’ range, at the recommended dosage for adults.

How does the Calm for Kids homeopathic work?

Calm for Kids helps to settle the nervous system and promotes activation of the child's parasympathetic nervous system ("rest-and-digest"). While it is common for children to have more "excitable energy" than adults, some children will experience more of this than others. This might sometimes interfere with their ability to rest properly, eat properly and perform well (eg. at school).Calm for Kids contains traditional homeopathic remedies that are known to help "settle" children who are often geared up. It can also be used more acutely for events. For example, before or after a birthday party, a busy day or stressful day, or even a long road trip. This is a great formula for parents to have on hand for excitable events as well as to help wind-down for bedtime.

How does the Focus for Kids homeopathic work?

Focus for Kids works somewhat similarly to Calm for Kids. However, the remedies included in this formula tend to promote concentration and improved attention as well as memory. There is more of a cognitive aspect in these traditional remedies. It will help to calm children, more from an overactive mind than body. This is a remedy that is often beneficial for children who might need support when it comes to impulsiveness and poor concentration. Parents and practitioners often look to this product to help children who are having some difficulty in school with focus, attention and listening.

What kind of alcohol does ON use for its tinctures and homeopathics for adults?

Grain alcohol is the standardized alcohol used in tincture manufacturing. It is derived from the processing and fermenting of corn. The herbal tinctures (adult) contain 40% grain alcohol and the homeopathics (adult) contain 25% grain alcohol. 

Are ON products suitable for people with dietary restrictions?

ON minimizes and avoids allergens every step of the way, so most of their products are vegan and free from gluten, dairy, soy and nuts. 

At what age can a child take the adult tinctures? Especially the single herb tinctures which are alcoholic?

Health Canada considers anyone eighteen years old and above an adult. Dilute the tincture in some water to help with the taste of alcohol. The actual alcohol content itself is minimal and is comparable to the amount you would find in apple juice or a ripe banana.

Are ON herbal remedies suitable for infants?

It depends on the particular formulation, so please check the directions on the bottle. Some are suitable for ages zero and upwards, others for ages two or four and upwards. There are instructions for general dosing and acute dosing as well.

Which ON products can pregnant or breastfeeding mothers take?

Homeopathics are generally considered safe for pregnant or breastfeeding mothers. However, we are always conservative and recommend that you check with your healthcare provider first. These products are safe: ND Shake Original, Prenatal Multi, Probiotics for Adults, Magnesium Glycinate (capsules + powder), D3 Drops, D3+K2 Drops and Echinacea tinctures. The Echinacea tincture, in particular, is excellent for during the cold or flu season! For mothers who are not pregnant or breastfeeding, ON has many excellent products to support your wellness concerns. The most popular are: ND Shake for Women, Advanced B Complex, Stress + Calm Homeopathic, Iron Complex, Fatigue Homeopathic, Stress, Sleep and Thyroid Health.