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Cyto-Matrix Flora Matrix Kids (60 tablets)

A berry flavoured, chewable probiotic featuring evidence-based strains, with added vitamins A, C and D, designed to optimize digestive and immune function in children. Dairy-free and shelf-stable without the need for refrigeration.

  • 5 billion CFU’s per chewable tablet, containing equal parts of Lactobacillus acidophilus NCFM and Bifidobacterium lactis (Bi-07)
  • Designed to reduce cold and flu-like symptoms, such as fever, runny nose and cough, reduce missed school days due to illness and decrease antibiotic prescriptions in children
  • 2,000IU of active vitamin A, 20mg of vitamin C and 400IU of vitamin D3 included to optimize immune function and musculoskeletal health in growing children
  • Natural berry-flavoured and sweetened with monk fruit extract
  • Each blister pack offers 60 shelf-stable servings without the need for refrigeration
  • Certified gluten, soy and dairy-free

GMO, gluten, soy and dairy free. Shelf stable.


Kids love to explore and learn, and their immune systems are doing the exact same thing as they encounter new environments. It is imperative to support both the digestive tract and immune system during this pivotal life stage, as more and more evidence suggests that the gut microbiome is one of the key influencers for immune health. Case in point, specific probiotic strains have been proven to positively impact not only cold and flu-like symptoms, but even objective markers such as the number of days missed in school as a result of illness.

Lactobacillus acidophilus NCFM (La-NCFM) and Bifidobacterium lactis (Bi-07) are two extremely well-studied probiotic strains with multiple human clinical trials individually, in combination together and with other unique probiotic strains. One noteworthy trial compared La-NCFM to a placebo intervention in children aged 3-5 years old for a period of 6 months to determine its effectiveness in preventing cold and flu symptoms. At the end of the study, it was found that the La-NCFM probiotic group had 53% reduced fever incidence, 41% reduced coughing incidence, 68% less use of antibiotics and 32% reduction in days absent from childcare. While these findings are significant and impressive, a combination treatment with La-NCFM and Bi-07 in this same study showed even great numbers of 73% reduced fever incidence, 62% reduced coughing incidence, 84% less use of antibiotics and 28% reduction in days absent from childcare. Clearly, these probiotic strains offer some level of synergistic benefits when it comes to immune function in children.

Although these findings are significant, each strain is capable of much more beyond their immune benefits in kids. La-NCFM has also been shown to reduce oral candida counts, increase bifidobacterium and lactobacillus counts, and improve irritable bowel syndrome markers on its own, while Bi-07 has effectively been shown to improve constipation and white blood cell function as a stand alone therapy.

Flora-Matrix Kids by Cyto-Matrix offers 5 billion colony forming units per chewable tablet, containing equal parts of La-NCFM and Bi-07. These evidence-based strains help to reduce cold and flu-like symptoms, such as fever, runny nose and cough, reducing missed school days due to illness and antibiotic prescriptions. Flora-Matrix Kids also contains vitamin A, vitamin C and vitamin D3 for proper immune function and to support strong bone and teeth development. Flora-Matrix Kids is delivered in a delicious, natural berry flavoured chewable tablet that is shelf-stable and certified dairy-free. Each box contains 60 tablets in a blister-pack delivery format.

Medicinal Ingredients

Ingredient Amount
Lactobacillus acidophilus NCFM 2.5 billion CFU
Bifidobacterium lactis Bi-07 2.5 billion CFU
Vitamin A (retinyl palmitate) 600mcg RAE/2000IU
Vitamin D3 (cholecalciferol) 10mcg/400IU
Vitamin C (ascorbic acid) 30mg

Unit of Measure above: Each tablet

Non-Medicinal Ingredients

Natural berry flavour, maltitol, microcrystalline cellulose, dicalcium phosphate, monopotassium phosphate, dipotassium phosphate, ascorbic acid, vegetable-grade magnesium stearate, sucrose, trehalose, isomaltooligosaccharide, silicon dioxide, monk fruit extract.

Directions & Cautions

Indications: Source of Probiotics. Helps support gastrointestinal health, healthy skin, immune function and to build strong bones and teeth. Helps reduce cold and flu-like symptoms, such as fever, runny nose and cough, reducing missed school days due to illness and antibiotic prescriptions.

Directions for Use: Age 3 and older: take 1 tablet per day or as directed by a healthcare professional. Take at least 2-3 hours before or after antibiotics.

Cautions: Consult a healthcare professional prior to use if you have a fever, vomiting, bloody diarrhoea or severe abdominal pain. Stop use and consult a healthcare professional if symptoms of digestive upset (e.g. diarrhea) occur, worsen and/or persists beyond 3 days. Do not use if seal is broken. Keep out of reach of children.

Contraindications: Do not use this product if you have an immune-compromised condition (e.g. AIDS, lymphoma, patients undergoing long-term corticosteroid treatment).

the above information is updated as of 2 Sep 2023