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Vigour Pack (VigourCells™ x 2, French Maritime Pine Bark x 2, Omega-Pro x 1, D3+K2 x 1)

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Each pack of our VIGOUR PACK contains:
2 x VigourCells™ premium antioxidant supplements (120 capsules per bottle)
2 x Pine Bark premium antioxidant supplements (60 capsules per bottle)
1 x CanPrev Omega-Pro Essential HP 40/20 (90 capsules per bottle)
1 x CanPrev D3 + K2 (120 capsules per bottle)

This pack is worth $680, get yours at only $558.

VigourCells™ contains alpha lipoic acid, co-enzyme Q10*, methylated vitamin Bs, vitamin C, 8 types of vitamin E, magnesium, selenium and prebiotics.

Pine bark contains French maritime pine bark extract and vitamin C.

* Contains CoQ10. Do not take if taking warfarin.

While stocks last. Terms and conditions apply. Not valid with any other promotions or discounts.

the above information is updated as of 21 May 2024