Elixir Botanica is the Asia Pacific distributor for CanPrev and Orange Naturals products.

Nice Pack


Each Nice Pack contains:

1 Bottle of VigourCells 60 capsules
1 Bottle of CanPrev Omega Pro Fish Oil 90 capsules
1 Bottle of CanPrev Probiotik Powder for toddlers to teens

Dosage depends on the size of the dog.

For Medium to large size dogs, feed 1 Capsule VigourCells, 1 Capsule Omega Pro and 1 Teaspoon of Probiotic powder a day.

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PROJECT: Saving Nice 

Here is Lee Lee’s story:

Subject: Nice, my guide dog diagnosed with acute liver failure on 17 Feb.

Nice, my guide dog was diagnosed with acute liver failure on 17 Feb. I realized something was not right on the evening of 8 Feb when she vomited two hours after her meal. The vet said her liver function was a little elevated but wasn’t critical. The supplement prescribed by the vet (milk thistle) worked till Friday, 15 Feb. She lost appetite on 16 Feb but was able to get around.

I decided to take her to the vet again to receive this shock diagnosis of liver failure. She was admitted and further blood test revealed the bilirubin level (Jaundice or liver toxicity) was almost 30 times of a normal liver. Then, the protein level was still in the good range but the vet told me to be prepared for the worst and that Nice had at most another 48 hours to live. He said they needed to do a plasma transfusion which costs $2,500 and administer other medication to treat her.

On Monday, after the plasma transfusion, the jaundice level came down to 28.8. I was very distraught and confused and called Rosemary in the morning for advise. I wanted to know if I could give VigourCells to Nice. She told me to bring the bottle to consult the vet and I was very relieved when he said it was a good supplement and approved it.

The vet started administering 2 VC capsules from Monday night, which saw the figure dropped to 23.5 on Tuesday morning and improvement made. It was 18.5 and 15 respectively for yesterday and today. Her red blood cell count has also improved from 28 to 31. The optimum blood count is 37.

However, due to the drop in the plasma proteins from 2.3 upon admission to 1.6, a second transfusion is taking place now.

I am grateful and thank God that no tumor was found on the ultrasound scan. The prognosis was bleak on Sunday in which the vet said in his years of practice both here and Uk, no dogs survived more than 48 hours. I am thankful to Rosemary and her company Elixir Botanica for so generously sponsoring the supplements, friends for so generously contributing to the vet bill through the crowd funding page to be set up, friends who are praying and cheering us on and the encouraging messages.

Nice will be well, she has defied the bleak prognosis and will return to her responsible and feisty self. Thank God for His Grace and Healing.”


Update: 28th Feb


Do you believe in the power of prayer and wisdom from the most High God to save?

I do especially after seeing how Nice the guide dog almost died from liver failure after eating a candy she picked up from the roadside more then a week ago, but survived.

Her attending vets said they have never seen any recovery like this. The level of poisoning in the liver was at a fatal level and no animal (they have ever treated) has survived beyond 48 hours.

But what could have been the defining reason Nice not only survived but recovered so rapidly to be discharged today?

I will share the answers with you all one day soon.

She is now recuperating further at a safe and cosy sanctuary and enjoying all the love and delicious chow to help her get even better soon.

Update: 14th March

Elixir Botanica is very delighted to inform that Nice the Japanese Guide dog has recovered from her liver failure to become the miracle living dog in just 3 weeks!

According to the vet, no dog had ever before survived a 28.5 times bilirubin reading compared to normal which is below 1.

But just look at her today.

We did a photoshoot of her and Lee Lee this morning and see how gorgeous and in the fullness of health they both are.

VigourCells is a life saver. But more importantly, it is a very powerful preventive medicine. We strongly believe Nice was able to survive the toxic hit and recover, because 3 weeks prior to her incident, she was already taking VigourCells to heal her yeast and scabby skin condition.

Elixir Botanica is pleased to recommend the ‘Nice Pack” that includes VigourCells-antioxidants, CanPrev Omega Pro fish oils and CanPrev Probiotik Powder for fur-parents keen on putting their love ones on some really beneficial supplements.