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Black Cohosh Tincture (Singapore Only Delivery)

Black Cohosh is most valuable for balancing the female reproductive system. It was originally used by the women of the early Algonquin First Nations for ‘female problems’ and childbirth. Modern day herbalists prescribe it for menstrual pain, nervous tension, PMS and menopausal symptoms. Find relief from those monthly irritations with Black Cohosh.

  • Helps relieve pain associated with menstruation
  • Helps relieve muscle and joint pain associated with rheumatic conditions such as rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis and/or fibrositis
  • Relieves nerve pain such as sciatica
  • Eases nervous tension
  • Helps relieve PMS symptoms
  • Relieves symptoms associated with menopause, such as night sweats
  • Made from organic and wildcrafted herbs
  • Therapeutic dose of condition-specific herbs
  • Our body can absorb and metabolize tinctures rapidly – absorption begins in the mouth, allowing the body to absorb up to 98% of the medicinal components
  • Large 100ml bottle size offers great value
Medicinal Ingredients

Each ml contains 200 mg of organically grown black cohosh rhizomes (Actaea racemosa). It is a 1:5 rhizome extract. 

Non Medicinal Ingredients

40% gluten-free grain alcohol and purified water, with organically grown cinnamon bark as a natural flavour enhancer.

Recommended Use

Black Cohosh helps to relieve premenstrual and menopausal symptoms.


Adult women: Take 3ml, 2 times per day on an empty stomach.


Do not use if you are pregnant. 


Consult a healthcare practitioner prior to use if you are breastfeeding, have a liver disorder, or develop symptoms of liver trouble.

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